Monday, April 4, 2016


As defined - toxic means containing - being poisonous - capable of causing death - serious debilitation - exhibiting symptoms of infection - extremely harsh - malicious - harmful - an asset that has lost so much value - no longer worth the time or effort to possess. When discussing toxic things the most frequent - chemicals - either industrial chemicals dumped into potable drinking supplies - well - rivers - chemicals that develop from improperly stored food items - chicken left out of refrigeration - meats warming on a kitchen counter - allowing bacteria to grow - multiply - giving rise to salmonella - toxic to humans. Other things may be labeled toxic - an investment in an under performing stock - having toxic - harmful affects on an investment portfolio - lowering the value of said portfolio - affecting financial stability. The worse form of toxic things - words - spoken in haste - unfairly judging others - spreading rumors - gossip - true or not - toxic to the well being of not only the person talked about - also family - friends - associates. The fact that we as humans have  the ability - the power - to harm - destroy - the life of another - very sad.

When encountering toxic items specific steps may be taken to neutralize - offset the toxic effects - chemicals to neutralize the toxic one - devices - sponges - to soak up toxic spills - immediately placing food items in a refrigerator - disposing of an under performing stock - restoring financial health to a portfolio - stabilizing future investments - funds. In regards to toxic words spoken - very difficult to undo the damage - better to never have spoken those words in the first place. The ripple affect of toxic personalities - spreads very quickly - affects everyone in one way or another. After the fact - apology to the offended - apology to God - for being less than He created you - seek His forgiveness for your action. Although you will never be able to apologize to everyone affected by your comment - God in His Divine Mercy will not only forgive you - also help heal the hurt among others. As we continue this octave of Easter - celebrating Christ's resurrection - His transformation - we need to also celebrate the changes that have taken place in ourselves - moving from toxic to positive people of God.

Deacon Dale