Friday, April 8, 2016

La Fée

La Fée - The Fairy - is a French movie - English subtitles - that I watched the other night. There are three interesting things that I learned watching this movie - #1 - people believe in fairies - magic - hope - #2 - I was surprised how much of my one year of French 50 years ago I remembered - #3 - The French make unusual movies.  Why did I watch it once I realized it was subtitled - curiosity - it started off weird and stayed weird. It was filled with so many visually funny scenes - I was hooked. In the end - left me with the question - what did I just watch? Why?  Basically it became a love story about two unique individuals - living very ordinary lives - partially delusional - nothing going for either - until they met. I will not say anything more about the movie except - people flying through the air - a baby on the back end of a Mercedes - three wishes - a scooter - free gasoline.

When God created the world and all that is in it - He created possibly one of His greatest gifts - Diversity. We are all - not the same - different - colors - body types - languages - cultures - likes - dislikes - mindsets -  preferences. We come from different places - one side or another when looking at oceans - continents - North - South - East - West. Some like it hot - others cold - many - in between. Although different - we are all  the same - children of God - created in His likeness - loving - thinking - beings - one common goal - life. It is amazing that in our differences - we are so very similar - in our hopes - dreams - desires.  It is even more amazing - that we lack tolerance - acceptance of others - judgmental - unforgiving. The Easter Bunny brings eggs - multicolored eggs - everyone loves them - perhaps we should take a lesson from those eggs - all signs of New Life - signs that we should learn to love - everyone - after all - we were all eggs of another kind - at one time in our life - not from bunnies or fairies -  loved completely - by God. 

Deacon Dale