Sunday, April 3, 2016


Almost everybody knows what a GPS device is - global positioning system - a feature of many smartphones - devices designed specifically for use by those in vehicles - hikers - fishermen - boaters - anyone who is an outdoors type of person - needing information on where they are going - where they have been. Garmin and Tom-Tom are two of the most popular brands - advertised to the public. Both manufacturers now selling related products for those into fitness - available at local merchants and Amazon -  devices which record heart rate - calories burned - and other data of interest to those seeking to get into - maintain good health. Moving from the couch to the outdoors an excellent idea - fresh air - enjoying the scenery - mingling with other people - all aspects which help a person stay mentally - physically fit.

The third part of the human soul - spiritual - needs to be developed - exercised just like the mental - physical part. Even those who do not acknowledge the reality of God - most often do admit that they have a spiritual side - a higher power - something beyond the ordinary which they seek to relate to.  People of faith - connect with God through various forms of prayer - private - public - personal - communal. In my home parish we have a group that gathers together for communal prayer - called G.P.S. - gathered to pray in the spirit. God speaks to all of us - not all hear - many in private prayer - question what they hear. Gathered in a prayer group - led by the Holy Spirit - the leaders are able to help discern - understand - what God is saying. This Sunday - Divine Mercy Sunday - around the world large groups of people will gather at the 3:00 Holy Hour to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet together - as one voice. Together they will be led - in the Spirit - to exercise - stimulate - their spiritual side to grow - in God's Divine Mercy.

Deacon Dale