Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lord Have Mercy!

Lord Have Mercy! - a commonly used expression - by many. I remember a sitcom from years back in which the mother constantly was exclaiming - that phrase - in response to almost everything her children were doing - usually showing her unbelief or displeasure. Lord Have Mercy! - also a Canadian sitcom in 2003 - about a youth pastor - his head pastor and others focusing on comedic situations - nominated for an award for Best Comedy Series. While this phrase is frequently spoken - in jest - lightheartedly - more often an honest request for intervention by God. In a more serious vein - a common phrase among believers when praying for themselves - others - often pleading for situations involving health - death - serious accidents - forgiveness
Jesus told us that no one knows the Father - unless He knows Christ - the only Son of God. Just as Jesus showed compassion - forgiveness - to those seen as - unworthy - the man born blind - the woman at the well - the leper - the tax collector - so does His Father - show that same forgiveness - Mercy to each of us. The Mercy shown by Jesus - God - goes way beyond our understanding. He forgives the unforgivable - those throughout history who have committed unbelievable sins - most notably - Judas. How is it possible that He can find Mercy for the one who betrayed His Son - Divine Mercy - mercy that goes beyond our understanding - our comprehension.  Saint Pope John Paul II recognized the awesome power of God's Divine Mercy - declared the Sunday immediately following Easter Sunday - Divine Mercy Sunday. On this day - the Church focuses on - Divine Mercy. My home parish recognized this message to be of such importance - in the early 1980s - before it was fashionable - before the Pope's declaration - my wife with a close friend and I - at the prompting of a priest friend from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception began this devotion and celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday the year first proclaimed by the Pope. Frequently I stress to people - turn to God with your concerns - He hears and answers all prayers - in His Divine Mercy - He gives you what you need. This Sunday in parishes around the world - we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday - and His Mercy - all year long.

Deacon Dale