Friday, April 1, 2016

Chain Gang

A chain gang - a group of prisoners - chained together to perform menial - physically challenging work - as a form of punishment. That work might include repairing buildings - building roads - clearing land. This system existed primarily in Southern United States. As of 1955 - phased out nationwide - Georgia being the last to stop this practice. Some - reintroduced in the 1990s - form of get tough on crime effort - by Alabama - ended after one year. Arizona still the one state - in Maricopa County - prisoners may volunteer for a chain gang - to earn credit towards high school diploma - avoid disciplinary lock downs. The introduction of chain gangs initially following the American Civil War - free labor for public works projects. In Maricopa County - today - inmates wearing bright orange coveralls - working on roadsides to keep the public landscapes well manicured. 

During Easter Season many churches filled with chain gangs - different from above - rather groups - men - women - joining together to pray the Rosary - before morning Holy Mass - afterwords - spread throughout the day. Praying for the needs of others - for the church at large - for the sick - lonely - homeless - hungry. Most do not benefit personally - prayers - mostly for others. The fruits of their labors - the benefits gained from these chain gangs - healings - prayers answered - restored faith. Praying for others - natural for most Christians - intercessory prayer - sharing their faith with those in need. Easter Season - filled with opportunities - for any gang.

Deacon Dale