Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reader's Survey

It is very fashionable today for everyone to perform surveys to see how they are performing - if they are meeting goals - expectations - keeping everyone happy - addressing issues if and when they arise. Sometimes one wonders - do these surveys really mean anything - does anyone really care - does the data collected have any affect - benefit anybody. I believe that the majority are well founded - intended - to keep customers - clients - happy with the product - service they receive. A few - very likely - lead nowhere - benefit no one - basically a time waster - keeping some corporate official happy that the survey was designed - implemented - although never followed up on. As a blogger - I wonder from time to time - who am I benefiting - is my blogging a waste of time - energy - or do people really read and benefit from these wanderings of my mind. I reviewed my statistics earlier and I found it interesting the countries where my readers come from. Obviously since I am based in the USA - that is where the largest group of my readers live. Following is a list of countries identified as following my blog in descending order of page views - you might find this interesting. 

                                                          #1 USA
                                                          #2 Russia
                                                          #3 Ukraine
                                                          #4 Germany
                                                          #5 France
                                                          #6 Canada
                                                          #7 China
                                                          #8 Latvia
                                                          #9 United Kingdom
                                                        #10 Poland
                                                        #11 Portugal
                                                        #12 Japan
                                                        #13 Sweeden
                                                        #14 Netherlands
                                                        #15 United Arab Emirates
                                                        #16 Brazil

So I ask you - the readers - if you are able - to please leave a brief comment on who you are - not your name - rather - student - teacher - priest - housewife - writer - and your country. Hopefully;I will receive some interesting feedback.

Jesus asked us to trust in Him - although none of us has ever seen Him or the Father - we have been asked by Our Lord to - give Him the benefit of the doubt - to believe His words - what has been written about Him - that He is the Son of God. He does not ask us to answer questions - do surveys - jump through any hoops - fill out sheets of papers. His request is that we become people of faith - living as He did - open - honest. Following with out questions - accepting Him - just as He is - just as He accepts us - no questions asked.

Deacon Dale