Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Today I had my first experience with ESL - English as a Second Language - helping local people to become fluent in speaking English. I was a little concerned as this was my first teaching session - obviously I wanted to do well - to help my student. Adding to my discomfort - I was scheduled to teach Level 2 - jumping over Level 1 - where to start - what had the student picked up from her first instructor. As it was - no problem! She was very pleasant - had learned a fair amount at Level 1 - completely ready for advanced study. In the process we are instructed to only speak English - avoid using their native language even if we knew it. Following the teacher's manual was easy - adding in a few words in Spanish - greatly improved the comfort level of both teacher and student. For me this was not only teaching - also ministry - offering myself as a volunteer - to help a fellow human. Facilitating communication - among others - the first step in better relations - understanding.
After God confused the language of the world at the Tower of Babel - the need to slow down - speak in simple words - hand gestures - looking into each other's eyes - to communicate common needs - wants - desires. We have been given a gift from God - the ability to listen - speak - talk - feel - understand. It is in our understanding each other that we begin to better understand ourselves. The better we understand - know ourselves - the closer we come to God.  The closer we come to God - the closer we come to the Divine. That is the goal of most people - seeking to know - God.

Deacon Dale