Wednesday, April 11, 2018


The last few days have been very windy - all sorts of things blowing around in the high winds - dust - pollen - plant debris - leaves - branches - inflatable swimming pools.  Yes - just this morning I read a post that a neighbor discovered a large inflatable pool in his backyard.  Some report things being moved by the high winds - lawn furniture - often ending up in an in-ground pool - pond.  These are all an inconvenience - the greater concern - germs - viruses - airborne - passed from one person to another - spreading illness.

Jesus - Himself - through the power of the Holy Spirit - The Holy Wind of God - spreading His Spirit - to all who willing accept.  His Spirit - blows where it will - falling on all - not all receive this special gift from God.  Some who realize that the Spirit has fallen on them - refuse - reject His Holy Spirit - most - deep believers of God's gifts - readily accept the gift of the Holy Spirit. In this Easter Season - many reports of new outpourings of the Holy Spirit - New Life among converts - those new to Christianity - freely - happily - accepting this Easter Gift. It is there for all - you only have to say Yes - to Jesus - God - to yourself.

Deacon Dale