Thursday, April 5, 2018

I Offer You...

On Easter Sunday - at Holy Mass - everyone given a chance to renew their own baptismal promises. In those promises - a re-commitment to follow God - Jesus as He commanded.  Even the best intents not always easy to follow.  Promises made - often promises forgotten - fallen by the wayside. The majority of people - honest - well meaning - helpful - looking out for their neighbor - as well as themselves - these are the people God asks us to be.   

When God proclaimed to His people that He would be their God - they His people - in a nutshell - He meant - do as He asked - be kind to each other - kind to yourself. Unfortunately it is often easier to treat others much better than we do ourselves.  We may forgive another in a heartbeat - yet - ages when forgiving ourselves a similar fault. For some reason - we seem to think we are the worst - unforgivable.  With the gift of Easter - we learn that we too - are as precious to God - as all the others.  To Jesus - make the commitment - I offer you - my self - my entire being - my heart and soul.

Deacon Dale