Friday, April 6, 2018

Praying For Mark

It is very normal for people of faith to say prayers - for themselves - family - friends - others.  In the celebration of Holy Mass - so important - prayers of the people - every time Mass is celebrated - praying for leaders - religious and secular - community - individuals - victims - dead and dying.  In particular we pray for those with special needs - very often those with medical issues - concerns.  This week - Mark - on our minds as he prepares for a cardiac procedure to place a stent.  First attempt unsuccessful - now praying that the second attempt this coming Monday - a success.  Prayers for Mark - many others - too many to name - seeking God's blessing on their situations.

Jesus told us that when two or more are gathered in His name - that He would be in our midst - He would hear our prayers - answer them.  As people of faith - we believe - trust - in His promises.  Because we believe - trust - we know that prayers for Mark - everyone - will be answered.  we praise God - Jesus - for His faithfulness - for hearing all that we ask.  In Easter joy - we celebrate all His gifts.

Deacon Dale