Monday, April 9, 2018


When a person breathes - inhales to take air into the lungs - exhales to expel air and body wastes out of the lungs.  Breathing is essential to all life - not just humans and animals - also to plants - other organisms.  When we open a bottle of wine - we leave standing - allowing it to breathe - to let air from outside mix with the contents of the bottle - to bring the wine to full body - alive to enjoy all the flavors hidden inside..  When construction crews work with concrete - a breathing process is followed to allow the concrete to properly cure - to breathe from the inside out - to dry solid - rock hard. Without air - life would cease to exist.

When Jesus appeared to His disciples after His resurrection - He breathed upon them - instructing them to receive His Holy Spirit.  Literally - Air - Latin derivation spirare - meaning to breathe - He told them to receive His Holy Air - Breath.  Just as breathing is essential to life - so too the Holy Spirit.  As Christians we cannot live without Jesus' Holy Breath.  When His breath is in us - we come alive - do good deeds - live lives worth of a modern day disciple.  As disciples our duty - to breathe on others - to share freely what we have freely received - the very Spirit of God.

Deacon Dale