Sunday, April 22, 2018

Good Shepherd

The Fourth Sunday of Easter - we listened to scripture that depicts Jesus as The Good Shepherd - an image used in the Gospel of John 10:1-21 in which Jesus is modeled as One who gives up His life for His sheep.  One might wonder why anyone tending an animal would willing die for that animal - until they realize that the sheep referred to in the Gospel means mankind.  Yes - simply put - we are His sheep - He our master.  He cares for us like He would anyone - any animal - with tender loving care - seeing to our needs - safety - feeding us not only with food and drink - also - His Word - Holy Scripture - seeing that we develop into well formed people.  

When one understands how much God - Jesus - loves us it should be easy for each of us to do likewise.  We - in turn - should nurture all those around us - seeing to their care - well being - sharing the message of Jesus' Gospel - freely with them.  We should - many do not - selfishly keeping His message for themselves. This is one gift from God - which is no gift - unless freely shared with others.  What benefit to anyone who receives freely and does not share?  All the gifts we receive from God - never for our personal benefit alone.  When we receive His blessings - those same blessings poured upon others in the act of sharing - in turn our blessings multiplied.  Today a good day to share a blessing with others.

Deacon Dale