Friday, April 20, 2018

Stick It!

While watching some gymnastics - it is often heard that the person flying through the air attempting to make a perfect landing - stuck it.  Teammates call out during the attempt to - stick it - landing with both feet well planted on the mat - no wobbling - staying exactly in place - no false steps - gaining major points for their effort.  That phrase - stick it - applied to other attempts in various ways - meaning - goal achieved - accomplished.  Whenever anyone attempts anything - especially something new - very happy when they - stick it - on their first try.  Today I was attempting to adjust some irrigation lines on the yard plants - attempting to get better control on how much water is used keeping the plants alive and healthy.  We have one particular plant that we planted about a year ago - started as a baby - three small paddles - today much bigger - showing a lot of new growth - some flowers - others - additional paddles.  In my attempt to make sure more than enough water would reach the roots so the blossoms and paddles will do well - my hands and arm brushed lightly against some paddles unknown to me.  It was only a matter of minutes later when I realized that the plant managed to - stick it - to me.  After removing about 200 tiny needles about 1 millimeter long I regretted not wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt.  

God is much more patient than any of us - offering time after time the opportunity to come to know Him in a personal way.  Many are able to develop that special relationship instantly - to stick it - firmly in their hearts and minds.  Many others - for numerous reasons - unable to stick it - wandering in the desert for long periods of time - before they finally experience that special relationship.  First try - second try - hundredth try - makes no difference - as long as one eventually is able to accept Jesus as Lord of their life - to make it permanent - to become a faithful follower of Christ - to stick it.

Deacon Dale