Sunday, April 15, 2018

Breaking Bread

Breaking bread - a common expression meaning to share a meal - spend time with others. It might be as casual and short as meeting up with someone at a coffee shop for a few minutes or a full course dinner over a period of many hours. In that time - besides sharing some food and drink - time to talk - often in depth - deep personal discussions.  This experience of gathering - sharing - discussing - definitely a bonding process of sorts.

In Christian culture - Breaking Bread - refers to Eucharist - Fractio panis - the practice of breaking the consecrated bread prior to sharing in Holy Communion.  This Sunday we heard about the disciples walking along the road discussing in depth the last supper - crucifixion - resurrection events that had just happened when Jesus appeared to them - ate fish with them. Everyday day Jesus invites us to break bread with Him - to share a meal - time - to talk - in prayer - the concerns of our minds - hearts.  Everyday Jesus invites - time for us to respond.

Deacon Dale