Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Touche - from the French - touché - a term used in fencing - to mean that an opponent has scored a point - by a touch.  Outside of fencing - touche often used to mean that one person has scored a point - made a point or witty comment in a discussion in which there is no retort or comeback.   People love to debate issues - testing their mental capabilities - intellect with others - normally in a friendly game of mental gymnastics.  

When talking with God - no need for mental - mind games.  God tell it like it is - does not beat about the bush.  Many people do not understand why Jesus spoke in parables - often think He was trying to confuse His listeners.  The opposite is quite true - He used examples that the common person could understand  relate to. Straight talk then - straight talk now.  The only time Jesus needs to touch you is when He enters your heart - touche.

Deacon Dale