Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Hour of Mercy

Today - Divine Mercy Sunday - we will gather at 3:00 PM - the Hour of Mercy - to pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy.  This prayer was given to Saint Faustina in the early 1900s - to be shared with the world.  This small young Polish nun - with little training - with a giant heart - love for Jesus - became the secretary of Jesus - writing a diary of her conversations with Jesus.  Today - the Diary of Saint Faustina Maria Kowalska - read around the world - complete approval by the Vatican - a book which should be read by all.  The things revealed in this diary - enriches all who take the time to read.

Saint Faustina felt the call of God at a very young age - joined a religious community as a teen - died at the age of twenty-four.  Not all are called that young - not all die that young - but all - everyone - are called.  Even though all are called - not all listen - among those who do listen - not all respond to that call. We are called to be disciples - to spread the message of God's awesome love - forgiveness - acceptance - mercy.  First we must experience His mercy - then share His mercy.  It is not a hard task - one that will bring special joy to your heart - once you confess that you are imperfect - accept your imperfections - you will know God's Divine Mercy.  Jesus stands waiting - talk with Him today - He stands at the door of your heart - knocking to come in.

Deacon Dale