Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Eternal Father We Offer...

As one who has been born again in the waters of baptism - New Life - a reality.  A few months ago I had the opportunity to speak with a gentleman who had a spiritual experience - time when he touched the Divine.  He could not really put the experience into words - that special moment - defying common vocabulary.  Through our conversation - I could sense - feel - see in  his eyes - what he was attempting to share with me. He wanted to be baptized - following church rules - a waiting game - until the Easter Vigil.  I have not spoken with him yet - the experience to be shared at a future date when I return to Illinois - the news is Good.

Deacon Dale - Father Matt - Deacon Jerry - Commemorating Their Baptism in the Jordan River

When people come seeking God - they often find Him - in special ways.  Very often caught off guard - not expecting to touch - the Divine.  When it is real - one knows it - cannot be faked.  In the Easter Season - many opportunities to experience - again and again the real presence of God - Jesus - the Holy Spirit - in our lives.  

Deacon Dale