Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Person of the year

According to this article  http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/steve-jobs-barbara-walters-fascinating-person-year-2011/story?id=15156459#.TwxU66WKm5I Barbara Walters selected Steve Jobs as the most fascinating person of the year.  In doing so she had to break one of the rules in the selection process - the candidates for this recognition are suppose to be alive - and as we all know Steve Jobs died late last year. So, just like Steve who was known for breaking rules, Barbara did the same in selecting him as the #1 fascinating person.  I have no problem with that because Steve Jobs was a fascinating person and although flawed in some aspects of his life - he left the world a better place to live because of his genius.

This is not unheard of - throughout history a very large number of people have come to be recognized as fascinating only after their deaths.  It takes time for people to digest and assimilate facts and information before they can declare someone as very special.  Jesus was known to be of a different mold while alive - many thought he was an irrational trouble maker while others saw him as some sort of miracle worker.  It was not until years after his death that people were able to sort out the events of his life that they finally recognized him as more than just a nice guy who was different.

Blessed Pope John Paul II followed in Christ's footsteps and because he was identified as a special Holy man of God was recognized as one of those very special people before his death - the same goes with Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

As we begin the year of 2012 we can all look at our lives and ask ourselves "am I living my life well?"  An inventory of our good and bad characteristics can guide us in our efforts to be well and live well - for our personal good and for those around us.  Who knows - maybe one of us will be "person of the year" one day!

Enjoy the day!
Deacon Dale