Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Gospel According to You

Most people would say that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the only Gospels that were ever written.  However scripture scholars know that there are other Gospels in existence.  The most popular non-canonical version is the Gospel of Thomas.

The common link between all the gospels is Christ's message of love, forgiveness, healing and redemption.  There is another gospel that is constantly overlooked and possibly one of the most important.  That is the gospel that you are writing!  

Each one of us who claims to be a Christian is writing a gospel of how God works in our lives by the way we act and react to life, its issues and the people we encounter every day of our lives.  How we handle the challenges and blessing is observed by more people than we will ever know.  Unknown to us, as Christians, we are proclaiming the way in which Christians should or should not live their lives.  

Kind of scary when you think that others may be patterning  their lives based on how you live - so the next time you open your mouth, the next time you walk out your door, the next time you enter that shopping line - keep in mind that people are either being drawn to Christ or pushed away from Him by the way you live your life and the gospel you are writing each day.  Be sure that what you write is honest and true!

God Bless
Deacon Dale