Friday, January 13, 2012

Benvenuto Baci

So we just got a new puppy a few days ago.  He is a cute Keeshond.  This will be the fourth Keeshonden dog that we have had.  One thing we learned very early on with our first dog - Kochan - was that this particular breed is very people orientated and loving.  Kochan had one particular trait that the others did not.  Although all of them were always at the door to greet us when we came home; Kochan always had to have a toy or bone or something to hand us the minute we opened the door.  How about that - being greeted and given a gift upon entry!  All of them always tried to jump up high enough to give us hugs and kisses, but being a mid-sized dog we would have to bend down for them to accomplish their official greeting.  Kochan loosely translated is Polish for "Lover" which he was, so it was only normal to name the second Keeshonden Zakochaney - again Polish loosely translated as "Beloved".  Keeshonden number three was a rescue dog so he did not get the Polish name treatment and thus Riley joined the family as a buddy for "Zako".  All dogs go to heaven  (at least some people think they do - visit this blog for a somewhat friendly debate) - anyhow needless to say Riley and Zako left us late last year and thus the new puppy.  Since we had two "Polish" named dogs and one generic - my wife allowed me to try an Italian version.  Now for my Italian friends I know that grammatically Benvenuto Baci does not exactly translate into "Welcome Kisses" but hey people, we are naming a dog here - not setting dogma or Canon Law.  His call name is "Bene" pronounced Benny.

The point of all this has nothing to do with dogs - but thank you for reading the first paragraph anyhow!  It is about welcoming and how we treat each other.  I have noticed that it appears in the mid-west for the most part that we do not take the time to welcome each other properly and quite often not even politely.  A rough "uh huh" or very casual "hi" said in haste as we rush to McDonalds or Starbuck's or Caribou Coffee for our morning dose of caffeine to help us make it through the day is about all many people can muster early in the morning.  And, it doesn't get any better during the day - too little time - too much to accomplish.

I think we need to teach ourselves some simple old fashioned manners.  When I was a child a proper greeting was "Good morning" accompanied by a handshake.  Nothing was more important than sharing a polite greeting with others - at any time of day.  It even use to be normal for men to tip their hats to ladies as they would pass by with a pleasant smile and "good day".  So in the year 2012 I dare to suggest that all of us - myself included - take time to smile and greet people properly no matter what time of day or where we happen to be.

When we came to the Lord he stretched out His arms to us and greeted us.  He told us that he loved us and that we are special to Him - that He wants us to live lives joyfully and to the fullest. (John 10:10).  When asked how much Jesus loved us - He said  this much - then spread out His arms as far as they would stretch - and died for us.

Enjoy your day
Deacon Dale