Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deal Breaker

I watch House Hunters and House Hunters International  and I am amazed at what potential home buyers say will be "deal breakers".  Sometimes it is reasonable - they want a city house and the Realtor takes them out into the country or they request a home with four bedrooms and two baths and the Realtor tries to place them in a three bedroom with one bath home - these are obvious deal breakers.  What amazes me is when they are shown a home that meets all their criteria but isn't painted a color they like or the kitchen counter tops are not granite.  At the price point that most of these buyers are willing to invest into a home it seems silly that they are not willing to invest another $1000 - $3000 to paint or replace these items in an otherwise beautiful home.  

Imagine if God was that picky with us!  What would you think if He insisted that you attend church every Sunday or read the Bible daily or said prayers two or three times a day.  Would you be found acceptable to Him or would that be a "deal breaker"?  

Thankfully God is not like that - He comes to us as we are, where we are.  He doesn't ask us to bathe first or to make any drastic changes before He will enter our lives.  No, He accepts us just as we are!  He is so gentle and accepting - offering His love, forgiveness and salvation to all who accept His offer to be one with them.  Isn't  that awesome?  We do not have to do anything - He accepts us exactly as we are!  If you have been hesitant in accepting Jesus as your Lord then now would be a good time to say YES - Yes to Jesus and the new life he offers.

Deacon Dale