Sunday, January 22, 2012

Called to Serve - Called to Love

In today's Gospel reading Jesus says "Come after me and I will make you fishers of men".  His early call was to Simon and Andrew, James and John - and today He calls each of us to follow Him - to stay with Him awhile - and see where He lives.  He asks us to open our hearts completely to Him - to learn His heart and plans for mankind.  He calls us to be lovers - lovers of God, lovers of our neighbors, lovers of our enemies - lovers of life.

He calls us to evangelize and spread His gospel message of acceptance and forgiveness, healing and redemption.  He calls us to cherise life and protect life from the womb to the grave and life beyond.  Sounds simple - but is it really?

In light of Roe vs Wade - have we loved enough? - long enough? - with our entire heart and being?  Or have we closed ours eyes and ears and allowed others to tell us what to do and what to believe?  Have we become complacent or do we speak loudly of our love, of God's love for all peoples in al stages of life?

Do we serve well and love well - or do we just get by?
Deacon Dale