Sunday, January 8, 2012

Deacon Travel

In my first post I mentioned a new ministry/apostolate that I started with a brother deacon.  The official title of this new ministry is Deacon Travel - a Roman Catholic Pilgrimage Apostolate.  The goal behind this ministry is to help people see the value of making spiritual journeys that will help to make things clearer in their minds. 

As Catholics we often think that going to Mass for one hour a week is all we need; but, in reality it barely scratches the surface.  In this day and age so many Catholics - as well as people of other religious expressions - are walking out of weekly services with empty feelings, rather than being filled up.  Making minimal effort in the development of our spiritual life will reap only minimal rewards.  To gain much you need to give much and on this point I am referring to time.  Just as you spend hours reading and studying to develop your intellectual life  and just as you spend hours upon hours developing other skills and abilities - i.e. sports, music, drama, etc - your spiritual life begs for the same involvement and attention.

Deacon Travel ministry attempts to lead those who are serious in developing their spiritual lives.  Directed meditation and reflections on a parish level for an hour or two is the most common and accessible to all.  To those with more time on their hands, actual trips to far away places of religious significance answers their needs.  Both myself and my deacon associate and our wives have been blessed with numerous opportunities to travel to many of these special places.  One option we offer through this new ministry is to travel with us - to experience God in the places of the Bible and elsewhere.  For more information on this aspect visit our web site at: 

God Bless
Deacon Dale