Monday, January 16, 2012

Man with a dream

Today we remember Dr Martin Luther King, Jr - a man with a vision.  A vision in which all men would be treated as equals.  The King Center operates today to carry on that mission started by Dr King.

It is unfortunate that one group would ever think that they were better than another based solely on skin color.  Yet we all know that prejudice abounds wherever you look.  It is not only skin color, but language, lifestyle, foods consumed, etc etc.  People who love motorcycles are shunned by those who don't.  Those who eat sushi are ridiculed by those who don't.

What is it about people that we ridicule or make fun of that which we know nothing about?  Why do we go out of the way to make fun of that which we do not understand?  

Perhaps if we took the time to learn about these things that we do not understand, we would become better neighbors, better Christians.  I find it fun to investigate other people's lifestyles, cultures and customs.  As I travel I try to keep my mind and heart open to the different and unusual.  As I learn new customs and traditions from others. my life becomes more well rounded.  I can speak from having tried the unusual and then deciding if I liked or didn't like the experience.

In being open I have experienced God's blessings in ways that I might have otherwise missed.  My dream - like Dr King's - would be that each of us open ourselves and our hearts to opportunities of the out of the way and different!

Deacon Dale