Sunday, January 29, 2012

Foreign Language

The other day my daughter-in-law was sharing a story about my five year old grandson who was being driven home by his friend's mother.  On the way his buddy started singing a song in a foreign language.  After the song was finished his mother asked my grandson if anyone in his family spoke a foreign language.  There was a long pause - then my grandson said "well my Nana and Papa speak a lot of Jesus!"  He then proceeded to tell her all about Jesus from his birth to death.

When I heard this I was shocked since I am always trying to teach him some Spanish or Italian or Polish.  Then as I thought about it - I started thinking as a five year old and I had to agree with his opinion that maybe speaking about Jesus is like a foreign language.

How many people go through their entire lives never hearing the Gospel proclaimed to them?  Or maybe they hear part of the Gospel and never have it explained to them.  To me that would be equivalent to hearing a foreign language. 

The next time you feel moved to share the message of the Gospel - stop and assess what you are sharing.  Do not think that everything is clear and understandable.  Remember to pause thoughout your sharing and ask if you need to clarify what you are sharing - otherwise your listener may think that you are speaking a foreign language!

Deacon Dale