Saturday, January 7, 2012

Internal or External Journeys?

How does a person know what type of journey they need to venture on in their search for wisdom and knowledge?  Do they need to go to a quiet place and meditate or would getting up off their chair and traveling to a far away place be best for  them?  I cannot answer that question for you - this has to come from inside yourself. Only you know what will help best.  Obviously it is far easier to take a glass of tea and venture out onto your back deck and meditate and ponder the empty fields and skies in your own back yard and - if that works for you - then wonderful.  However,  if that leaves you with more questions than answers, then you might be just the person who will benefit from a journey to a special place.

Ah! You say.  But what special place?  Good question and for each of us that special place may be very different.   I, myself, prefer the serenity of Italy - especially along the coast.  Beautiful blue skies and quiet waters have an affect on me and the spirit inside me.  And on some days the inside of ancient cathedrals and magnificent stained glass windows works wonders.  

But what does it take to stir your inner muse?  Skies?  Water? Grand cathedrals and palaces?  You have to seek in order to find and you have to search in order to locate your special places.

Italy, Spain, Poland, Israel, Ireland have all helped this deacon to come in contact with the spirit inside.  The Spirit of ordination constantly moves me to seek a better understanding of what is and what may be.  Therefore I seek and in seeking I find another part of the me hidden inside myself.

Until next time - ciao!
Deacon Dale