Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 The Year For Pilgrims

Happy New Year! 

2012 promises to be interesting for everyone looking to develop a better relationship with God. From a Roman Catholic view point that means not only making a weekly trip to your local church for Sunday Mass, but seeking God in places where you might not normally venture.  

Everyone in their own way is seeking to make sense out of life.   Not everyone will necessarily admit or realize that they are  seeking  a better relationship with God.  Many may even deny God's presence in their life, explaining their search rather as personal fulfillment or scientific knowledge.  Underlying all of our searches is the knowledge that most of our lives could probably be better if we better understood our place in this fast moving world.  Many people, although richly blessed, find a certain emptiness in their lives.  

One way in which this deacon is attempting  to help those who are seeking is through a new "Pilgrimage Apostolate".   Together with a fellow deacon, we have started what we are calling Deacon Travel.  The purpose of Deacon Travel is to help people journey to those places - either internal or external - which helps them to understand themselves and their relationship to the world around them and to God.  

Deacon Dale