Thursday, January 19, 2012

Morning Prayer

As an ordained man I promised my bishop that I would do Morning and Evening Prayer daily.  Praying the breviary is not difficult and I find that starting my morning with prayer gets me off on the right foot.  I also have a sense of community knowing that by praying the breviary I am praying for the Church around the world and that at any given time of day other priests and deacons are doing likewise.  So the Church is blessed with continual prayers 24 hours a day.  That is a lot of prayer and justifiably so.  The Church encompasses more than you and I are aware and the ministries and apostolates of the Church need the benefit of our constant prayers.  A simple way for lay people to pray Morning prayer is by purchasing a copy of Christian Prayer.  It is an easy format to follow and less confusing than the four volume set that I use.  At our parish we have just incorporated Morning and Evening prayer into our perpetual adoration schedule, so now parishioners are learning this form of prayer. 

Following the official prayer of the Church I always add in my own prayers for my family, friends and brother clergy and those in special need.  Although I may not be able to attend every meeting possible I can at least assist  those by my prayers.  

If you do not already do so - you should try starting your day with prayer and see the benefits of doing so.

Enjoy your day!
Deacon Dale