Thursday, March 31, 2016

What's For Dinner?

It is not too often that anyone asks what is being served for breakfast or lunch - dinner - a whole other story. Most of us are conditioned - trained from childhood - groomed by our mothers - a feast at dinnertime. Mom always served up her best for the evening meal - dinner - supper - call it what you want - always great. In my family as a youth - dinner - on a schedule - certain meals - specific days of the week. Fridays - always fish - even though we were not Catholic - mom - from Italy - a Catholic - so we ate fish. Then there was pot roast - spaghetti with meat balls - country fried chicken and dumplings - always on Sunday - had to keep my dad - a Kentucky boy happy. Each meal carefully planned - executed - kept the nine of us - very happy.

As we continue through this Season of Easter - not one day - rather fifty - we continue to experience our New Life in Christ in many - various ways - some days repeating themselves - falling into a routine - creating a spiritual menu - where we are fed - kept happy. All of us have a choice - daily - what spiritual food we will consume - perhaps a routine - Holy Mass one day - Bible study another - sitting in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - yet another. As we continue our Easter celebration - these fifty days will provide us time to select what we need - when we need it - formed into a spiritual banquet.

Deacon Dale