Monday, February 26, 2018

Dilly Dilly...

The Budweiser people came up with an infectious mantra for their recent advertising campaign - the key words - Dilly Dilly.  The ads were silly - made people laugh - encouraged copycats - even our pastor got the bug - an avid Eagles fan - Philly Philly.  Finally something funny - with good taste - getting people to smile - laugh - together.  In Lent many people do not find much to laugh about - somber faces - ashes - penance - guilt - sorrow - not the joy one would expect from people being cleansed of their sins - being brought closer to God - finding new life - new ways to live good and holy lives.

The Church never intended the season of Lent to be a burden - beating people up - causing anguish.  Lent is probably the most misunderstood season in the Christian calendar.  A season of deep spiritual reflection - looking into our very souls - finding things that should be eliminated - removed from our lives - seeking ways to help us grow in holiness. In Lent - God - Jesus - stand by waiting to help - encourage - heal - forgive - reconcile.  One has only to ask and  they will be  there at your beck and call. Dilly Dilly 

Deacon Dale