Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Failure To Thrive

Failure to thrive - in very simple terms means that someone - something - is not growing as expected.  This term is used frequently with newborn babies - in particular those born premature - very much underweight - frail - fragile - unable to feed on their own.  Usually an I.V. line is placed so the infant will receive adequate nutrition.  Without the proper nutrients - all living things will die.  Babies - not the only persons who are at risk - also - teens - adults - seniors.  When food and water are withheld - the body suffers.  The same goes for those intangible things that help lives grow - faith - and especially love.  When love is removed from  the daily diet - persons feel lost with no purpose in life - become confused - worry invades their lives - emotions run wild - feelings of abandonment surface - a sense of hopelessness enters their lives. This obligation to nurture falls on everyone - primarily - parents - children - spouse.  Parents nurture children when young - children nurture parents in old age - spouses nurture each other throughout their entire relationship. When anyone fails to meet their obligation to nurture those to whom they are obligated - relationships fail - one or many - will become - physically - emotionally - starved. 

God sends His love to each of us daily - for our personal well being - for the well being of others.  His love is not for our benefit alone - He expects us to share - give His love away to others - a gift to be re-gifted - time and time again - not only when we feel like it - rather constantly.  If we want to be nurtured by God - then we have to give His love away - otherwise His love to us - will dry up - stop.  In Lent we focus on God's awesome love - His gift of His Son - His Son's gift to us - on the Cross. 

Deacon Dale