Sunday, February 25, 2018

No One Alone

It came to me during morning Mass today - as Father Anthony delivered a very impassioned homily - begging parents to become - parents - to live up to their call as - Christians - to put down the electronic instruments of distraction - to connect to their children - to more closely monitor their children's use of technology.  He likewise begged children - to drastically decrease their - screen time - time spent on their phones - computers - televisions - to discover the real world surrounding them.   His plea - for families to become families again - without technology - to eat meals together - without the distraction of - devices - to gather outside - without devices - to engage - fresh air - outside activities - each other. His plea - the result of the Florida shootings - aim to put the blame exactly where it truly belongs - as I said a few days ago in my post - WE THE PEOPLE - have caused this.  We have been lured - lulled - into a group of lazy - technologically drugged individuals - mesmerized - by the capability of what is possible to do that was not available just a few short years ago. Technology - designed to help - promote - better lives - new advances - enhanced education - has been hijacked by Satan who has turned electronic devices into - addictive drugs - to dull our senses - to tear us away from each other - from the real world - lured by the promise of a virtual world - inhabited by - 1143 friends - who we have no idea who they are.  WE THE PEOPLE - guilty as charged - have left people who are hurting - alone - abandoned - turned our back on those - most in need of our attention - begging for attention - love.  My new mantra - NO ONE ALONE - no reason for anyone - young or old - to feel alone - unloved - abandoned.  WE THE PEOPLE - need to immediately notice those on the sideline - left out of the game - pushed into corners - alone in darkened places - as if they have no value - no worth.  Beginning now - I urge everyone to make it a point to notice the misfits - the troubled - the lonely - to engage them - to help them to feel that they are not alone.  Each one reach one - the world will start looking better in no time.

God created us to be men - women - family - community - to live - love - laugh - together - looking after each other.  In today's Gospel - Jesus - transformed before His disciples - revealing His glorified body - showed His disciples His true nature.  This Lent - allow yourself to be transformed - not physically - rather spiritually - to connect yourself - to others - those also struggling with life.  Your Lent will be the better for it.  Jesus - always with us - always there to offer a hand up - leaving NO ONE ALONE.

Deacon Dale