Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mind Your Head..

Most often you will hear the warning - watch your head - or - caution low ceiling. The one I find most interesting is the sign I saw both in England and Italy - mind your head. As we prepare for tomorrow - the First Sunday of Lent - I think this warning is more than appropriate - Mind Your Head.  In other words before one can change their heart - their actions - reactions - one must first - mind their head - alter the thought process - be willing to experience change - to be willing to make a commitment to improve one's life. Lent is all about change - evaluating one's life - making note of what needs improvement - especially spiritually - then following through - implementing those changes. All of  this is a process that does not happen overnight - which explain why Lent is 40 days long

Our God is such a loving - forgiving God - He gives each of us all the time that we need to make changes - improvements.  Even when we do something that is not good for us or the community - no demands - rather gentle suggestions - hints that change is needed.  In this season of Lent - the Church also understands that most of us need time - besides change - to make those changes happen. As the saying goes - Rome was not built in a day - neither will any serious change happen in our life.  Keeping our focus on God - Jesus - the Holy Spirit - all that we need - to achieve our Lenten goal.  

See you at the finish line
Deacon Dale