Monday, February 19, 2018


Exercise is good for the body - keeping moving parts moving - active - a body in motion gathers no dust - lasts longer - in general - than one constantly at rest. We recently had a chance to talk with a personal trainer - a lady who has spent the last 30 years as a physical therapist - personal trainer.  One observation - the methods - techniques - have evolved over the years - new research revealing many old ways were not the best - replaced today with better - more effective exercise - routines.  The same goes with spiritual exercises - with time - all  things change - usually for the better.  New devotions discovered - learned - taught to others - bringing God closer to many - making God more accessible to all.  Anything that makes God more accessible - definitely worth sharing with others.  As more are exposed to these - more given the opportunity to grow in  their personal relationship with  the Lord.

Throughout history God has been revealing Himself to the peoples of this world.  In nature - culture - music - art - He has inspired many who have influenced how and when we experience His presence.  As we begin our own spiritual exercises this Lent we need to be open when others share new and different ways of coming close to Him - to His Son - Jesus. In the case of spiritual exercise - they are all good - leading all towards God.

Deacon Dale