Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Lent-entines

Yes today we not only celebrate Valentines Day - also the First Day of Lent. As we woke this morning the day began with the exchange of Valentines cards and hugs - kisses.  The day progressed through the normal daily routine until late afternoon and evening Mass - reception of ashes - gently imposed on our foreheads.  As the evening winds down - another pleasant Valentines and beginning of Lent.  Valentines - one day - Lent - many more.

During the next 40 days we will pray - fast - give alms - all in an effort to achieve - holiness. Some will find this time easy - others a major struggle. There is no right way - wrong way to observe Lent - as long as you do more than nothing. It is your Lent - enjoy this time of grace - you deserve it.

Deacon Dale