Thursday, February 15, 2018

Playing Hooky

Yes I have been playing hooky - being absent from these pages for some time now. The month of January completely escaped me with everything going on in the family - coping with my own recovery from surgery and spending time with our oldest son's own surgery - coupled with making arrangements for our annual winter sabbatical into the desert.  Now the time has come to return to blogging and for Lent - this year - I will attempt to post some thought daily - as a reminder to myself that it is now Lent and time for me to work on improving myself. Yes - like many - I have things that definitely can stand improving.  Others have politely reminded me that I am not perfect and improvement would be good. To this end - I apologize - with prayer - the grace of God - I will be better by the end of Lent.

Nobody is perfect - everyone can use some improvement in their life. We are human and given to bouts of laziness - so no better time to implement change than now.  Forty days to work on whatever is needed. Today is the time to start - see you at the finish line.

Deacon Dale