Saturday, February 24, 2018

Going For Gold

For the last two weeks many eyes focused on the 2018 Olympics - the games - the athletes - the results. Going for gold - the focus - settling for silver - bronze - the reality for many.  The majority competing - going home empty handed - not losers - by any standard - a winner without a medal.  Just being good enough to be able to participate in the winter games - an awesome achievement - being rewarded with a medal - the frosting on the cake.  In Lent - too many people approach this season - as if it were a competition - something to be beat - mountains to climb - adversaries lurking at every corner - turn - along the path. The Lenten experience is a journey - traveled at one's own speed - a path walked alone - even when in a group. The prize at the end of the journey - holiness.

We are all gold - in God's eyes - everyone a winner - nobody a loser.  No matter what we do during the 40 days of Lent - no matter how many - how few efforts we accomplish - all of us will be gold in the eyes of God.  It is not quantity - how good - bad - it is the fact that we entered the season - trying - seeking something - to grow in holiness.

Deacon Dale