Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Your Jesus Scorecard

As contemporary people we love to keep score - how well our team does - tracking individual player's statistics - monitoring our children's grades - achievements - tracking government officials - their records on social actions - reforms - results.  Statistics flow around us like water flowing in a river.  The issue with statistics - numbers - they can be manipulated - made to say almost anything you wish.  You have heard the phrase - figures lie - liars figure - not necessarily for the benefit of everyone - usually the opposite. In Lent many are caught up in their spiritual scorecards - how many prayers they pray - how often they go to confession - the number of religious book they read - prayer cards they possess - quantity of rosaries in their pockets - purses - the number of Rosary - Divine Mercy chaplets - prayed. All in an effort to prove to themselves - others - how well they did - Lent. 

Truth be told - God - Jesus - not a bookkeeper - with them numbers - do not matter.  All they want is our heart - our love - our commitment - to the Gospel message of Jesus. This Lent toss the scorecard and focus on what really matters - your firm commitment to Jesus - Our Lord and Savior.

Deacon Dale