Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Wrestling With God

The idea of wrestling with God - to most a crazy idea - an impossible task.  Yet that is basically what Jacob did all night long - Genesis 32:22-32 - Abraham also wrestled with God when he kept begging Him - "but Lord what if there are only 50 - 40 - 10" - Genesis 18: 22-33 - Job likewise also had the strength to have his wrestling match with God - Job 13:3.  Throughout the history of man's relationship with God - wrestling matches have occurred.  Many view God as some kind of mean tyrant - in the Hebrew Scriptures - turning Lot's wife into a pillar of salt - deemed unreasonable by a loving God - more fitting to One that is mean - angry.  One has to understand the context of Holy Scripture to fully understand what was happening.  The reality - God has always been a loving God - looking out for the best of all mankind.  In Lent - many will likewise wrestle with God - how they understand Him - His commandments - desires - requests - many which on the surface seem unreasonable. Through this 40 day period - plenty of time to dig deeper - to come to understand the truth of what God wants for each of us - as a group - as individuals. 

When God created the world and all that populated the Earth - He looked back and saw goodness - everywhere.  Then mankind began to exercise the gift of free will - straying away from God's plan - creating their own plan.  This moving away - originally a communal action - now very individual.  Today we understand that we are responsible for ourselves - alone - and how we act - react - affects our relationship with God - eventually a ripple effect on the community.  This Lent - grab your sweat towel and water bottle - sturdy yourself - engage God fully - wrestling with Him - if you must - to achieve for yourself - for the community - all that God has planned for you.

Deacon Dale