Thursday, February 22, 2018


What are you afraid of - what scares you - terrifies you.  In America it seems that people in general are afraid of almost everything.  Relationships - strangers - activities - you name it - somebody is afraid of it.  Scared to drive in traffic - big cities - highways - scared to meet people who are different from them - scared to travel to unknown places - countries - scared to try - eat new foods - scared to do new things - work - sports - attend events.  It is amazing that anyone wanders outside their homes.  Somewhere we became a nation of fear.  We buy insurance for almost everything - we are even so fearful we pay for extended warranties on items that will be worn out before they ever fail.  We also fear God - His judgment - His final say on our eternal life.  In Lent many fear the entire concept of 40 days of being scared - scared they will do Lent wrong - not complete their spiritual exercises - not do them long enough - good enough - to please God.

God is not the God of fear - just the opposite - God is the God of peace - comfort.  Satan is the one who creates - spreads fear.  In an effort to turn our eyes away from God and the peace that He brings - Satan creates chaos - events that instill fear in the hearts of many. The recent shootings in Florida were the work of Satan - in the aftermath - out of chaos - God will bring healing - peace.  In Lent we are asked to give up our fears - to seek the peace - comfort of Christ.  It is there - Jesus is there - waiting for you to discover - Him .

Deacon Dale