Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chop Chop - Shake A Leg

Last January 2011,  I had the opportunity to travel with a group of deacons and wives on a familiarization trip to the Holy Land.  Basically it was a training trip for those of us who might bring our own group of pilgrims on a future trip.  Because of this it was a 10 day pilgrimage squeezed into a 6 day trip.  We had a lot to see and learn in a very short time.  Because of this our tour guide was heard constantly saying "chop chop - shake a leg" in order to get the group moving.  Considering that the average age of the participants was around 60 - it was not surprising that some in the group tended to either walk slow or just lag behind.  

Sometimes I wonder if this isn't the reason why so many people do not take their walk with the Lord as seriously as they should.  Maybe they think they have all the time in the world to work on that relationship, so they tend to focus on other things that they think are more important.  Many people would rather spend countless hours on the stock market, television, golf, shopping, etc, etc. instead of improving their relationship with Jesus.  This is not a wise thing to do because we all know the scripture verse that says no one knows the day or  the hour...

When we are called from this earth we will not have time to stop and catch up on our relationship with Jesus - no it will be the final call and no time left on the clock.  We need to get our priorities in order and realize that our eternal life with God will be much more important that the dollars we leave behind.  We need to focus now on our relationship and work on it now.  Chop chop - shake a leg - we don't have much time!

Deacon Dale