Monday, February 20, 2012

When I Grow Up

Remember when you were a young child and always talked about when you would grow up and what you wanted to be or what you wanted to do?  Yes, I would guess that most of us had dreams about our future.  If I remember correctly, I went through fire fighter, policeman, Superman, Don Juan and who knows what else.  You might say they were unrealistic and I would have to agree.  But, no matter how wild the dream, it was a dream and as such fueled efforts to grow, learn and accomplish skills.  So I may not have achieved any of those early goals but I did manage to get all the way through six years of college, have a very rewarding professional career and along the way was even able to fit in spiritual formation which allowed me to become ordained.  

Even with all I - and others like me - have managed to accomplish thus far in our lives - it is not uncommon to hear people in my age group make comments like "when I grow up.." as a way to state that even as you age it does not have to mean that your life is over and that you no longer are useful.  Having "retired" four months ago I find myself filling my life with so many different things and projects - I wonder how I was able to do what I do now and previously worked a full time job. One renewed focus I have now is my spiritual life and it would probably surprise many that although I am ordained, I am still seeking to improved my relationship with God.  No matter how many hours I spend reading books on spirituality, no matter how many prayers I say, no matter how many hours I sit in the silence of His Presence at Adoration - I still have to say "when I grow up".....

Deacon Dale