Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rock Solid

When a developer wants to build any structure - a simple home or a gigantic multi-story building - they must consider where they will build and the soil conditions that their building will sit upon.  It is not just a matter of looking pretty or providing a pleasant view to those who will occupy it.  It is not just what the ground looks like but also what is under it that makes a big difference.  The type of soil and soil conditions - the flow of the natural components and what literally flows under the soil, such as underground water, - all these and many more elements will give the builder the information they need to know - if the ground will properly support the weight of their proposed building.  Without this information they may end up with an unsafe building structure that would not be able to stand up to high winds, heavy rains, earth tremors and other natural conditions that would put undo stress on the structure.  In simple - very simple terms - it makes a difference if you build your house on a rock or on a sandy beach.  Integrity of the basic is ultimately very important in building any structure. 

Matthew 7:24-27 tells us the same thing about the wise and the foolish builders who built on rock and sand.  This scripture may specify building a house but it is really about a lot more than that. We are instructed that in all avenues of life we must be cautious and diligent to build upon that which is solid and not unstable.  How we practice our faith and what we believe must be first and foremost be built on truth not lies.  We must challenge and question that which does not appear to be in line with our basic beliefs and tenets.  If we do not understand - then it is imperative that we learn - so that we may understand. We must realize that ignorance is not bliss - that not taking the time to learn is no excuse for living poorly or believing weakly.  

Our faith and how we practice our faith are much more important than many people understand.  It is not a matter of just going through the motions but going through the motions in faith - in the Spirit - and allowing God to touch our hearts and minds and our soul to bring us to a complete oneness with Him - the Almighty - the One who saves. Jesus is the One - Jesus is the Answer - Jesus is the Rock upon which your life must be built.

Deacon Dale