Friday, February 17, 2012

Diet God?

It seems like everything these days is diet this or diet that - with caffeine or  decaffeinated - regular or unleaded, etc etc etc.  There are various reasons for this trend.  Perhaps you think you need less than what the regular product offers - it may be a health benefit or maybe it is just simply less expensive or easier to deal with.

Being actively involved in our lives is a good thing - after all, it is our life.  Rather than passively allowing life and all that it entails to just happen - we take it by the reins and direct our lives in the direction that we believe it should go.  We chose options in many aspects of our lives - what we eat and drink - what we wear - what we drive - where we work - what occupation we practice - where we worship or if we worship.  There are so many choices it can become very confusing.

Today we are at a point where even worshiping God is a choice.  First of all, we have to decide if there is or is not a God - for me an easy choice - for others, not so easy.  Once an individual chooses to acknowledge the existence of God then the decisions get a little more complex.  How will we worship God - will we be mainline or go in another direction?  Do we join a church or temple or mosque - or do we practice our spirituality privately at home?  If we do join a community place of worship do we just slip in the door and observe or do we automatically sign up and become an active follower?  What about the rules - the precepts and dogmas professed by the church community - do you agree with all of them or do you go for the restaurant style where you pick and chose which beliefs you will agree with and follow?

All too many people who want to worship their God find that following all the rules - the precepts - the dogmas are too difficult - so they opt to go with diet God.  With diet God you believe most of what He has spoken - but not all.  You become the head master and in choosing diet God - you place Him in a box.  You  limit His love - His power - His authority.  

Choosing diet God you deny yourself the opportunity of experiencing the fullness of God's presence in your life.  Diet God does not fill your soul with everything that it needs because you you have elected to go with the lite version.  If you have made this decision - you will eventually realize that diet God / God lite is not what you need or deserve.  No - you deserve the fullness of God in your life.  If you have been living with the diet version - just ask God to enter your life completely - give your life over to Him - to the One who truly Loves You!  You will be amazed how good the fullness of regular God can be!

Deacon Dale