Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reality Check

All of us are dreamers in one way or another.  We dream of a better life, better jobs, better circumstances, better relationships.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our dreams we forget about the reality of what we have right before us.  For many people what they have would be envied by most others.  Yet for many others - the reality of their lives leaves all too much to be desired.  For a small number in this situation - the courage to change what they are experiencing just isn't there, so they go day after day not living but existing. 

To these people I suggest that they start talking to God on a regular basis and ask Him for help with their situations.  It is no surprise to me that when they do open themselves up to God things begin to happen.  If you are one of those people start now - begin a conversation with Him and listen - He will give you an answer.

Deacon Dale