Monday, February 27, 2012


The other day I was at the health club, about 75 percent through my 2 hour workout, when I was working on a leg machine that was proving a bit harder than I liked.  After completing two sets I had to pause and catch my breath before I could start the third set.  As I was doing so, I just sat there staring up at the ceiling.  I guess I must have spent more time than normal because a younger fellow next to me leaned over by my head and looked up in the same direction and asked what I was looking at.  I replied nothing - then he suggested "Inspiration?".  I laughed and said yes - definitely inspiration.  I really do not like working out but I know it is something that I have to do if I am going to prolong my life on this planet.  So his comment was actually very much on target because I sure needed something at that point to urge me on to that third set.  His comment and smile as we shared that brief laugh gave me the energy to go on.

That is exactly how it is when we are struggling to improve our relation ship with God.  We do what is expected - we go above and beyond - and we struggle.  The extra hours in prayer - the devotional Masses we attend in addition to the regular weekend Masses - the spiritual readings that we do - many times end up feeling like we are just spinning our wheels and going nowhere. We look for signs from God - but none appear.  We try to listen for His voice - but Jesus seems mute.  We wander - we struggle - we wait.

And then when you least expect it - a stranger puts his face next to yours and speaks a word or two and in that very moment - you know that you have just been inspired - that you have touched the Divine!

Deacon Dale