Friday, February 10, 2012

Is It Soup Yet?

As a youngster it was often when mom would spend most of the day in the kitchen preparing meals for all of us kids and dad.  Breakfast, lunches and dinner occupied a lot of her time.  Quite often she would make soup and sandwiches for us for lunch.  Being typical children we were usually hungry long before mom would be ready to serve.  So very often she would hear us ask "is it soup yet?"  It got to be such a favorite expression that we extended that question to mean almost any meal or any project.  Getting ready for church - one of us being cute might ask "is it soup yet?"  As we worked on other projects around our the house - you could very often hear one or another ask "is it soup yet?"  So that phrase became equivalent with "are you ready?" or "is it done?' or "are you prepared?" for whatever.

Most of us have our pet projects that go on and on for ever and a day.  We start all excited, but then boredom or other things take a higher priority and our pet project lays in waiting - waiting for us to get back on track and complete what we started.

Unfortunately there are too many people who treat their relationship with God as a pet project.  At first they are excited and spend a lot of time with God in various ways - and then a distraction, a delay, a step backwards and they lose steam and their spiritual growth comes to a halt.  Sometimes this period of waiting is  short - for others it may be years, even decades.  The entire time Jesus is there - smiling and watching - waiting in love for them to start over to be excited again for coming closer to Jesus, closer to God.  

If you happen to be one of  those whose relationship with Jesus has grown stale and you are now contemplating getting back on track - the word is "go" just do it - start talking with God through prayer  with quite time in meditation.  He has all the time for you - he is waiting there silently thinking "is it soup yet?"

Deacon Dale