Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

There is nothing as exciting as taking a trip to a far away place.  It is even more exciting if that far away place is somewhere that you have dreamed about for years.  When the day finally arrives and you are able to take that trip it becomes a highlight of your life.  The new peoples that you are able to meet, the foods that you get to taste, the culture that you experience - all makes for a very rewarding trip.

The reality is that no matter how long you have to travel or how much you enjoy this experience - there is always that point when you begin to long for home - to stop the traveling and get back to the old and comfortable.

And so it is when you have been drifting in your spiritual life.  You may have drifted far away to a place of nothingness or maybe you have been church hopping and wandering from one spiritual experience to another in search of that special something that might give meaning to your life. So many people have spent years in search of that spark of the Divine only to continue to go unfulfilled.  Then when all options have been exhausted - in desperation - they return to that place where they started - their home church and to their surprise discover that in the process of wandering and drifting they have finally come to appreciate what they had in the beginning.  Finally - when they have returned they discover that what was old and irrelevant is instead the answer to their inner peace and joy.  In their wandering - through that time of uncertainty - God was with them - waiting patiently - waiting for that moment when He could hear them exclaim - Finally, Home sweet Home.

Praying that you have found your home
Deacon Dale