Sunday, February 5, 2012

Isn't that Super!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday - and what are you doing to celebrate?  Perhaps you are having a group of friends over to have a pre-game party to share food and conversation and reconnect after a busy holiday season.  Nothing wrong with that - in fact we should all take more time out of our overly busy lives and get together more often.  

Many years ago I was kidding around at work with some of the staff and we decided that we should re-invent the calendar.  My suggestion was to take the middle Wednesday of the month and rename it "Free Day".  Then whenever "Free Day" came around you would be able to do whatever you wanted to do.  If you were scheduled to work - then it became a paid day off to spend the day as you desired.  If you were already off work or retired - then you were completely free to cancel any other commitments - just for the sole purpose of getting together with family, friends, associates - whomever you wished to be with - just to celebrate life, fellowship, joyful times.

In this country we are so caught up with other obligations - we fail to celebrate life.  God never intended us to work our lives away.  No, He gave us our lives and this earth to live on and filled it with goodness - for us to enjoy.  The next time you are feeling overwhelmed by life and over committed - just declare a "Free Day" and enjoy the life God gave you.

Deacon Dale