Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving Mountains

Unless you are in the construction business, I doubt if you will actually be moving any mountains in the near future.  There may be times during the course of your normal day that you may feel as if some tasks might be as daunting as moving a mountain; however, when you give yourself time to analyze your situation - you will almost always recognize that the situation is not nearly as bad as you thought.

This same thing happens all too frequently when people are rediscovering their relationship with God.  Having been away from the church they grew up in - most people will ask "where did my church go?"  Changes in physical arrangement of the facilities or changes in the worship style and leadership and changes in the makeup of the congregation makes these even more noticeable.  Taking time to step back and intelligently review what appears to have been major changes very frequently reveals that it is not as different as what was remembered.  For one thing memories from youth rarely translate into adulthood.  What we perceived as a child, although exactly the same, as an adult will carry a different perception.  "Oh I guess it didn't change - I just didn't remember that it was this way".  So we move through the real and unreal changes as we reacquaint ourselvss with our spiritual home.  

Once done accepting those changes it is time to get down to what really matters - which is the personal relationship we may or may not have had with God.  Again - how we understand God as a child and as an adult will be very different.  As an adult you will have to change some concepts that were probably watered down when presented to you as a child - so as an adult you can now accept and understand the true concepts of your faith.  It all takes time - but as long as you keep moving in the right direction you will be successful in your task of rediscovering your relationship with God.  Be patient and give yourself time - after all God has been patiently waiting for you to move your mountains on your journey back to Him.

Deacon Dale